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My family
This is my family during January of 2001. It is also the worst picture ever. Brief explaination: I was weeks away from delivering Anisa and insisted we take a family picture before she was born since our last family picture was taken prior to Leland being born.

My boys
These are my boys.

Junior Junior
This is Junior at age 4 and at age 4 1/2.

Leland Leland
This is Leland at age 2 1/2 and at age 3.

Anisa Anisa Anisa
This is Anisa at 2 days old, February 16, 2001, at 6 months old, and at 7 months old.

Me and my hunny
This is my husband and me at my company's Christmas Party, December 15, 2001.

This is me the day before I had Anisa, February 13, 2001.

Sister Clay
This is me singing "If you're happy and you know it" at my company's karaoke contest.

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